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la 23-a de Februaro, 2005

I began to learn Esperanto yeserday

I began to learn Esperanto yeserday.

Here is my typing test:

Fine! The program "Ek" works very well. Attention, you need to view my pages in UTF-8 encoding, otherwise you cannot see some characters correctly.

It was on a webpage of GOTOO Hitosi where I took notice of Esperanto for the first time: I was doing research on Japanese strange customs of linking, maybe in the year 2003. Then I located one of his page Linking of Web Pages. His linking policy was exactly the same as mine. I was glad, took a look at his home page, and I found that he is an Esperantist. Thus, Esperanto made a good impression on me.

I remember that it was my friend Asakaze who recommended my learning Esperanto. In spring of the year 2004. I found an Esperanto sentence on her website:

Se inter ni estus samideanoj, kontaktu al mi. Mi elkore atendas vin, antauxdankon!

Then I thought that it was meaningful to find the international language Esperanto on the international Internet. I talked about it on her forum, and she wrote that it was a good idea to translate his diary into Esperanto and show it on my website, but I was too busy in publishing a book about my professor who passed away in February 2004. So I put it off till completing this project.

In working on the project, I was told that some friends of my professor (and maybe my professor also) learned Esperanto together. This fact kept my interest in Esperanto.

The project was completed just now, and I have time to learn Esperanto. But it seems to be too much work for me to translate his diary into Esperanto. So, I'm sorry but maybe it will not be realised.

Anyway I'll try to keep this blog in Esperanto after this.

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